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After a little time off, a Warrior Dash, and some baking from Evan I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving!


Hi Everyone! I took a week off from blogging and now I’m back! I was busy getting some things in order and having some fun as well 🙂 I will share a few snippets of what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up from the ZestyBeanDog!

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving now and I’m very excited! I’ll be cooking for 8 people this Thursday. I’m doing a nice organic and free-range local turkey. I’m considering brining it, but I have never brined before… any tips or thoughts on brining? Do you brine and why?

Lastly, I will be in a sweet blogger desert contest starting December 4th, stay tuned for details!

Over the last 10 days we:

Made a pizza with green beans on it …

Evan made some awesome strawberry banana nut bread for work

My friend Hannah and I ran in the Warrior Dash, Evan spectated!

It was so much fun! It’s a 5k trail run with obstacles to conquer! We finished in 43 min, we were 194 out of 809 in our age/sex bracket and 2118 of 6052 people. We were just running for fun…but didn’t do too bad 🙂 



Now back to the grind 🙂