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Forgive Me I’ve Been Experimenting… With Pork


Sorry the blog has come to a screeching halt for the past two weeks, there’s a PERFECTLY good explanation I promise.  I’ve been endlessly experimenting with foods for my “Pork Experiment” dish in the evenings instead of blogging!

It’s been fun and I’m just tweaking little details here and there to get ready for the big day, SUNDAY.

What I’ve got in the fridge:

  • 15lbs of pork shoulder from a local farm in Bastrop TX, Bershire Pork!
  • Homemade pickles, that are increasing with flavor as we speak.
  • Homemade mustard that’s almost done.
  • Some delicious baby swiss…
  • Some other secrets that I cannot divulge at this time!

About the Event:

Cookoff pros Nick Suarez and Theo Peck are excited to present Austin’s first ever Pork Experiment, an amateur cookoff involving Austin’s finest home chefs. Dishes will range from savory to sweet and will feature our favorite ingredient – Pork. Sharpen your knifes, this is a call to all home chefs looking to be named Austin’s next cookoff king or queen.

Winners will not only achieve culinary glory, but will be flown to Brooklyn, NY to compete in the National cookoff title, the super-bowl of cookoffs held at Brooklyn Brewery.


• A free Trip to Brooklyn!

Franklin’s BBQ – 10 Person “Pork Party” – The winner would receive a party for 10 people to include…
• 1 whole pork butt to be eaten at Franklins.
• Also includes pork vinegar sauce, slaw and potato salad, bread and a reserved table for you to “shred” the pork.
*Also include 1 draft beer per person 21 or older.

• Foreign and Domestic $100 gift certificate


• Chameleon Cold Brew – Great Product and Cash Bounty

• Foodie Cards – Discount dining card with $30 credit on them

• Le Creuset Cookware

• Crif Dogs one of a kind skateboard

• Brooklyn Slate Beverage Coasters

Come out and support Evan and I, we will be working as a team and would love to see you there!  GET TIX HERE