I’m Baaaaack! Evan’s 10 Course Dinner Birthday Surprise – The Fawn House


I’m done studying! My brain feels like mush but I’m finally finally done… From Sanskrit to anatomy to chakras… I know it all…well most of it anyways. It’s been 10 months of yoga yoga and more yoga and I will graduate (fingers crossed) next Tuesday! I have not however been slacking in the kitchen, in fact I have been going crazy in the kitchen.

I decided to make Evan a VERY special birthday surprise by creating my own restaurant at home (called The Fawn House, hence all the new fawn roaming in our yard) and cooking a 10 course meal! It was so awesome and I’ve never cooked so many awesome things all at once in my life EVER. I invited 3 of our closest friends and got to work on planning the menu a week in advance. I was so incredibly excited it wasn’t even funny! The few days before I mapped out my course of action and started collecting my goods. Last Friday I made it all come to a reality. I based the menu off “The odd parts/bits” of animals and used as much local and farm fresh ingredients as possible.  Here’s how it went down!

Each course was paired with a special libation. The food was wonderful and it definitely was a night to remember.  I can’t believe I pulled it off… I want give a big thanks to Liz for making the awesome dessert portion! It was amazing!

Well it’s good to be back on the blog-o-sphere!

For some final- VERY exciting news… Yesterday I received an email from the casting director of Chopped encouraging me to apply for the Amateur Special in Austin! I was recommended by the Food Experiments! I’m in the process of applying as we speak! Wish me luck everyone! Stay tuned for more on that.

I missed all of your blogs like crazy so I have a ton of catching up to do! Cheers to you all!

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  1. welcome back! Glad the study went well (i”ve always had a desire to teach yoga too)…. you must be so relieved it’s nearly all over.

    That must be the best birthday surprise 🙂

  2. Everything about this post is amazing. This ten course meal is RIDICULOUS. And the Chopped news is excellent, and so deserved! Good luck!!!

  3. What an achievement! I am sure you will have passed and good luck for your chopped audition! I hope to be able to watch you on TV!!!! Welcome back 🙂

  4. Wow, what a gift! It all looks amazing…
    I’m going to link to your fawn photo next Wednesday. Everyone keeps asking about babies, and we haven’t had any show up yet. Yours will keep them happy for a while 🙂

  5. Welcome back ZBD – that’s some great news about the application/chopped… I hope it all goes well… congratulations!

    Evan’s one lucky guy too… damn, look at that menu, although it does sound like there was a whole load of washing up!

  6. Wow! You are making up for lost time! Very impressive. Congratulations on so many fronts…good for you in finishing your yoga studies. And Chopped? That would be so awesome! Good luck! Debra

  7. Where should I start first to give you congrats. Well I am so happy for you that your exams are over. I am sure that is a relief to be done. An opportunity to participate in Chopped. Well I know already that you have that licked! You are so prepared look what you did on this awesome 10 course meal. good luck on your new endeavors Jen and we will be here to support you along the way. Take care, BAM

  8. “…Sanskrit to anatomy to chakras…”

    very interesting and valuable studies – you will fill the area with healthy bodies and minds! congratulations on your graduation i’m sure you’ll be smiling in those moments…

    a delicious meal gift for a hungry husband!

    Happy Birthday Evan from Maine

  9. Welcome back and congratulations on finishing yoga and especially being contacted about Chopped. Very exciting! And of course what an amazing dinner you made for Evan. Truly impressive.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  10. It is wonderful that you have all the studying behind you and such great things to look forward to. Your husband must have really appreciated all the hard work that went into his birthday celebration.

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