The Food Experiments Pork Experiment Was a Huge Success: Team Zestybeandog Won 3rd Place Judges Pick!




Evan and I served these little bites of goodness to the public.  What went into the dish:

Homemade mustard, made with yellow and black mustard seeds, Brooklyn Lager, tarragon vinegar, white vinegar, shallot salt and spices smeared on sliced baguettes layered with a slice of black forest ham, Jarlsberg  baby swiss, slow roasted pork shoulder raised right outside of Austin Texas at Peach Creek Farms that was marinated in hand juiced citrus, herbs, jalapeno, and spices, topped with homemade pickles, and a pork fat infused mojo sauce to die for!

It was a great competition and I was thrilled to have great friends splurge on a ticket to come out and support me and the event!  I’d like to mention some thank you’s since my speech on stage was short and sweet: “Winning” -Charlie Sheen

A special thanks to: Danny and Lori for saving my butt and bringing the box of bread I forgot, cant make sliders without the bread (also, Lori sewed the ZBD felt letters on my tablecloth I made)!!!  Thanks to Hannah for volunteering at the event and taking pics!  Thanks to Liz for entering into the competition, her tamales were AMAZING!  Thanks to Kyle for taking my camera and getting some good shots.  Thanks to all that came over Saturday night and entertained me in the kitchen (probably stayed up a little too late and had a few to many beers) 🙂  AND finally a huge thanks to my husband, Evan- I couldn’t have done it without him, he helped me tremendously: trying all of my concoctions for the last month, designing my cuban cigar themed menu sign, a little constructive criticism, helping me serve the hungry guests, helping me get inspired when I had “foodie block”, and lastly believing in me even when I didn’t at times…

There were so many great dishes, I’m more than happy with winning 3rd from the professional judges out of 22 chef-testants!  This was my first real cooking competition (not counting the ZBD chili cook-off) and I can’t wait to enter into many more!  The first place winners were the Holy Smokers Team, they did a great job and are awesome personable people!

The Goodies Team Zestybeandog Won:


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  1. That’s sound like a great time! I hope we can do it again! There is always New Orleans…and I heard you might road trip to Brooklyn. I say, “Bring it” You are a pure energy…. Keep on Experimenting

  2. It was truly a great time! I’d LOVE to come to Brooklyn! Leaving for Seoul and Thailand next week for a few weeks so we’ll see if it’s in the cards. Let me know if you happen to have an extra plan ticket laying around and I’ll for sure “bring it” more than anyone’s ever brought it before! It was so good to hang out with you and Nick and be a part of such a great event. Cheers!

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